The  Council for Educational Administration and Management (CEAM) is a registered non – governmental professional Organization founded in the year 2019 with headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India for prioritizing the areas and actions of Educational Administration and Management Education across the nation and beyond. 
The cardinal mission and vision of the organization is to foster collective development through multifarious academic initiatives pertaining to the educational realm. 
The organization?s policy is to combine human and material resources to supervise, plan, strategize and realize programmes and structure pertaining to Educational Management and Administration. 


The council for Educational Administration and Managment (CEAM) is a registered non-governmental national professional organisation founded on November, 2019 with its headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India with a mission of prioritizing the areas of educational administration, managment and education across the nation and beyond. it is an exceptionally extra ordinary initiative of CEAM to provide the prodigious opportunities of learning in the field of research and education to all the edu-entreprenurs across the globe.  


The Vision of the Organization is to foster collective development through multifarious academic initatives pertaining to the educational sphere leading to enhance our capacity and the quality of sharing and the effectiveness of higher education. the aim of the organization is to compile human and material resources and to plan, supervise, strategize and realize programs pertaining to educational management and administration To function as a catalyst in the field of Educational Administration and Management by organizing training programs and seminars.


To promote short/long term researches in the area of educational administration and management at national and international level.
To disseminate the latest developments and pratices in the field of educational administration and managment among the members and public.
To collect subscriptions/donations from members, non-members, government, research institutes and other friendly organizations for strengthening the objectives of the association and to promote professionalism among stake holders.
To institute awards scholarships, prizes, medals etc for honouring and promoting exemplary acheivers and talented hard workers in the educational administration and management and allied domains.
To promote publication of newsletter, journals (both online and Print), books, monographs, research reports, digital resources and electronic apps and software etc. in the area of educational administration and management.
To act as an agency to provide expertise in the area of educational administration and management by establishing institutions and trainning centres.